Tuesday, 27 April 2010

That's life.

Ok, so not much and yet a lot has happened...

Firstly I missed two celebrations that I wished to celebrate by a short blog. One was St George's Day (is it still the 23rd April...?) because, woohoo ENGERLAND! And second, a month of me being in Australia! A MONTH!

This was on the 21st April. Crazy times. A month has gone by. It zipped by unnoticed by myself, and only afterwards I realised that the celebratory day of a month into the new found and lovely relationship that I have with the boyfriend we spent a total of fifteen minutes together in the day. Go us!

There is a good reason, and it comes down to the root of all evil - money. We were both working. He left at six in the morning, and I came home at nine at night. Damn those evening shifts at work.

Oh well. That's life.

So, a month and a few days have gone by, and strangely, I feel now like I'm getting the jist of it all. It now feels routinely and good. I'm working and getting better (I hope) at my job. It's got to be said it wasn't all easy. Suddenly going from a relationship where you lead very seperate lives to one where you share everything materially as well as emotionally can definitley throw you. As you all know, this is my first proper relationship - so it's all a big learning curve.

I love it though. Every night we watch a new movie. Lionel has introduced me to the Alien series. Bloody amazing. We're halfway through Alien:Resurrection and I now know what is meant by 'the John Hurt moment' XD

Anyway, I've got work in the morning. So I'd best be off.

Night night.

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