Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I've not wanted to write here for the past week or so. There is a very good reason for this and that is that I've just felt so ...unsettled.

For a few days, before Easter weekend, I couldn't help but feel so out of place. It was hot. I got sunburnt badly (so much so there was burn still there after I peeled) I just wasn't feeling at home which is something I so badly wanted to feel.

Maybe it was to be expected. Maybe it was simply hormones. But nothing I could do got me motivated to do something about it. Lionel would leave for work in the morning and I would do nothing but be on the internet or watch movies all day. I did little things, things which made me feel like I wasn't slacking, but I didn't accomplish much.

All of this just got me down. And why would I want to share that with the world?

However, and that's a big flipping however, everything over Easter just got better. Lionel had four days off work. Good Friday straight through to Easter Monday. We unpacked more or less everything on the Friday and set up the TV with the many games consoles that Lionel owns. I am now addicted to Balders Gate: Dark alliance on the PS2, if anyone knows of that one. On Saturday we managed to pick up a sofa for $500 out of the paper. So, now, we're set up. We have somewhere to sit, somewhere to cook meals, somewhere to relax.

Infact I was so pleased that I cooked roast chicken and man, it was lovely.

On Saturday night we headed to Lionel's mums place for a BBQ, which wasn't a BBQ because there was no sausages and burgers but steaks. Which of course, being the carnivore that I am, didn't mind at all. On Sunday morning we went round again for reheated leftovers for breakfast, yummy.

Now, I'm on the hunt for a job. I'm printing off CVs and handing them round the shops. I really hope something comes through.

Anywho, this is not that interesting of a blog, but I felt that I should for all those people back home.

But I'm very happy now. So that's a good thing. Despite it being so bloody hot.

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