Friday, 2 July 2010


Yesterday was Territory Day. It's the only day of the year that fireworks are legally allowed to be bought and let off in the Northern Territory. Reason being, because it's so hot and dry - if a spark reaches the ground you get fire (unlike England when a cinder simply demolishes if it reaches the cold damp ground). So essentially, it's Guy Fawkes night without the bonfire.

People would buy fireworks in the day and at night randomly let them off. There is only one big public display, and that's at Mindil Beach which is the other side of the city of Darwin. Quite far away from here. We didn't go because it would be really busy. In fact, we didn't buy any fireworks at all.

We did, though, go for a drive. In every person's backyard there were fireworks being let off. In Palmerston on the main drag from our house up to the shops is raised at the top of a hill. So you looked right and there was a wonderful collection of different colours and different types of fireworks all being let off. It was quite an awesome sight.

We got Hungry Jacks (otherwise known as Burger King) and drove back through one of the suburbs where we saw a tree ablaze!

However, it didn't feel like fireworks night. I remember when I was a kid my mum would get out the gloves and scarves and hats when it was fireworks night. We would wrap up warm and go down to the Pangbourne College grounds and have to leave halfway through because my sister and brother would be scared. Even up to the last fireworks night I actually went out to a public display on Midsummer Common. I met my friends there and there are pictures of us all in our winter jackets and hats.

Maybe it's just nostalgia coming through. Or the fact that I still can't get used to the fact that I can't wear jumpers and jeans all the time. I mean, how am I meant to hide my muffin top?!

Anyway, on another note. Today is my father's fifty-first birthday. So now he's an official grumpy old man. Happy birthday, Dad!

Love from Australia!