Tuesday, 27 April 2010

That's life.

Ok, so not much and yet a lot has happened...

Firstly I missed two celebrations that I wished to celebrate by a short blog. One was St George's Day (is it still the 23rd April...?) because, woohoo ENGERLAND! And second, a month of me being in Australia! A MONTH!

This was on the 21st April. Crazy times. A month has gone by. It zipped by unnoticed by myself, and only afterwards I realised that the celebratory day of a month into the new found and lovely relationship that I have with the boyfriend we spent a total of fifteen minutes together in the day. Go us!

There is a good reason, and it comes down to the root of all evil - money. We were both working. He left at six in the morning, and I came home at nine at night. Damn those evening shifts at work.

Oh well. That's life.

So, a month and a few days have gone by, and strangely, I feel now like I'm getting the jist of it all. It now feels routinely and good. I'm working and getting better (I hope) at my job. It's got to be said it wasn't all easy. Suddenly going from a relationship where you lead very seperate lives to one where you share everything materially as well as emotionally can definitley throw you. As you all know, this is my first proper relationship - so it's all a big learning curve.

I love it though. Every night we watch a new movie. Lionel has introduced me to the Alien series. Bloody amazing. We're halfway through Alien:Resurrection and I now know what is meant by 'the John Hurt moment' XD

Anyway, I've got work in the morning. So I'd best be off.

Night night.

P.S. By reading this blog you now have to make a donation of a minimum of five pounds to my sister for running the marathon. --CLICK HERE--

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Ok - so this blog post isn't going to be about me. Sorry for all those who want to read about me, I know, it's going to be a strain hearing about something else. But I would wish to turn the eyes off Australia and back home for a bit.

My amazing big sister is running the epic 26 miles in the London Marathon on the 25th April - just one week away.

She's running for a very good charity called Sense, and I emplore anyone who reads this blog to do the following:-

1. Read the interview about the upcoming race by clicking HERE.

2. Go to her sponser page online HERE.

3. Maybe go down to London next Saturday and cheer everyone on!

What she is doing is just simply, in one word, amazing. Even the girl who had the courage to move halfway round the world cannot believe that she is going to run - yes run - 26 miles. I mean, I wouldn't even cycle that in a week!

All I can say is good luck George! I love you and hope everything goes smoothly.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Yesterday, at work, I was asked what I miss most about England. Now, I miss so much about England it is getting ridiculous, but I answered honestly by not saying the obvious answer being 'my family and friends' (though I miss you guys a lot, no doubt about that) but I answered...

...being cold.

I know. RIDICULOUS. But honestly, I most miss the sensation of being cold. The strange complex idea that if one was cold one would automatically think, 'oh I should put a jumper on' Anyone who knows me would most definitley know that I am not one of these fashion girls, who buy everything there is to buy in Cosmo, but I am a girl with a standard uniform of a hooded jumper and a comfy pair of jeans. I brought three hoodies with me in my twenty-six kilos of luggage. All personalised and loved to pieces by myself, and yet they are hanging up in the wardrobe crying out to me to be worn.

But I can't.

Because I'd melt.

Gah. Why the tropics? Why take an ordinary english lass out of her comfortable surroundings and through her in this hot, sticky, sweaty, humid environment? Why Darwin?

I ponder this, sitting with the pedestal fan blowing in my face as my skin peels from the sunburn I got last week, watching every single episode of Scrubs to distract myself from the fact that I haven't yet seen Matt Smith's debut as The Doctor in The Eleventh Hour...

...and then Lionel walks by, and everything is fine again.


Even though I'm planning on someway to make a move down to Tasmania feasible for the both of us.

Mwahahaha. Little does he know.

On other news, the job hunt came to an end when I was offered one in a fish and chip shop over the road. So now I'm getting burnt and battered (not literally) by deep fat fryers for a living - and I come home smelling of chicken salt. Fun fun fun.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I've not wanted to write here for the past week or so. There is a very good reason for this and that is that I've just felt so ...unsettled.

For a few days, before Easter weekend, I couldn't help but feel so out of place. It was hot. I got sunburnt badly (so much so there was burn still there after I peeled) I just wasn't feeling at home which is something I so badly wanted to feel.

Maybe it was to be expected. Maybe it was simply hormones. But nothing I could do got me motivated to do something about it. Lionel would leave for work in the morning and I would do nothing but be on the internet or watch movies all day. I did little things, things which made me feel like I wasn't slacking, but I didn't accomplish much.

All of this just got me down. And why would I want to share that with the world?

However, and that's a big flipping however, everything over Easter just got better. Lionel had four days off work. Good Friday straight through to Easter Monday. We unpacked more or less everything on the Friday and set up the TV with the many games consoles that Lionel owns. I am now addicted to Balders Gate: Dark alliance on the PS2, if anyone knows of that one. On Saturday we managed to pick up a sofa for $500 out of the paper. So, now, we're set up. We have somewhere to sit, somewhere to cook meals, somewhere to relax.

Infact I was so pleased that I cooked roast chicken and man, it was lovely.

On Saturday night we headed to Lionel's mums place for a BBQ, which wasn't a BBQ because there was no sausages and burgers but steaks. Which of course, being the carnivore that I am, didn't mind at all. On Sunday morning we went round again for reheated leftovers for breakfast, yummy.

Now, I'm on the hunt for a job. I'm printing off CVs and handing them round the shops. I really hope something comes through.

Anywho, this is not that interesting of a blog, but I felt that I should for all those people back home.

But I'm very happy now. So that's a good thing. Despite it being so bloody hot.