Thursday, 25 March 2010


Life is funny, isn't it?

You think you have your life all planned out, for the time being, and then it throws you a curveball which you have to handle. For me it was take a gap year after A-levels, travel, see a little bit more of the world and then settle back in dreary England for a degree. However, on the gap year I met a man. Corny as it sounds. This man was gorgeous, Australian and ten years older then me.

Naturally, this romance, at first, was to be not much at all. But after I left Buchanan Downs Station (more details can be found on my previous travel blog here)we kept in contact through email and texting. I then met him in Darwin when he had a week off and met his family, and still was talking to him when I got back home to England and started university. This led to Lionel coming across to England just before Christmas and I think made us both realise that this was something we both still wanted to work on. Thus, the decision was made for me to move across to the land downunder for the forseeable future.

My visa lasts a year, so I'll be coming home next March no matter what.

But now, for the moment, I am currently residing in Lionel's mums old house until Saturday when we move into our own place. I don't have a job, but will begin to look when we've settled into the house.

It's so bizarre, as I think about it. I'm in Australia. I'm in Australia. I still have to pinch myself. Even when I'm sitting outside with my book and a bottle of water. Even when I have to turn on the air-conditioning. Even when Lionel is driving us round these wide and frankly oddly straight roads in his ute (aka, the teabag)

England, for me, is like a huge, comfy, battered leather armchair. With cups of tea and rain and cushions with the union jack. It's safe. It's secure. It's comforting. I love the batter armchair. Who doesn't?

But it has to be said that when I came out here the first time, away from England's comfort, it was exhilarting, liberating and completely and utterly terrifying. I have the same gut feeling now. I'm scared of what this might turn into. The possibility of actually becoming a resident in Aus ...too big for my brain to tolerate - but all the same, the thought that this will all be a bust? God, please no.

So, life threw me this curveball - one of excitement, one of terror, one of oppotunity. And I made a decision, to whack it straight back.

Now, whether I hit it or not is another question...

What I have learned from my few days in Australia so far is that if you are on the pursuit of happiness in your life - follow your heart, not your head.

It worked for me. :)