Sunday, 6 June 2010

Nine Weeks.

Okay. So no posting for a while. I do apoligise. I don't know why really - just haven't really felt like there is anything going on to post about. But then I stop and think that there are many things happening which I'm you might like to know.

Firstly I passed my 'L's test. Which means I'm on a learner's license and learning to drive. Lionel is teaching me - which is a good thing and a bad thing. We save a bit of the old spondoolies but get a little stressed with my bad driving. But I'm getting better, I think. Today, when I drove, Lionel didn't have to take over. I'm learning in Lionel's car which is a 1992 Toyota Hilux which I lovingly called a teabag because the tray is one big bit of rust. Hopefully soon we'll get a second car (though I have to have my learners for at least six months before I can get 'P' plates) once we can afford it. But it'll be awesome to drive. I'll be the first Martin to get a license and hold onto it for at least a year. XD

Also, I was madea supervisor at work. Ballentyne's Fish and Chips. Though it's been rocky at the start (as in they tell you a very basic outline and then throw you in the deep end) it's getting easier. After I talked to the Assistant Manager, Cheryl, she kind of made my feelings known that I was getting stressed with it all to the point that I was dreading my shift every time I went to work. Now, it's 'you've actually got to tell me things if you want me to do them' because before they were expecting me to do things (such as ordering stock and customer complaints) which they didn't tell me how to. It got bloody annoying and stress filled.

For example, yesterday was a very busy saturday morning for the shop. I was working in the burger bit (yes, a fish and chip shop that sells burgers... I find it weird too - bloody aussies) and at one point at eleven in the morning, NINE HAMBURGERS on the grill. At eleven o'clock! To say I was a tiny bit panicing would be a blatant lie. (Just so you know, the most burgers I usually make in an entire morning shift is about ten total. And yeah, I'm not what you would call a natural chef. Just ask anyone whose eaten my cooking) But, the manager, also called Nic just to add confusion, came in and made me a cup of tea and told me that there was no need to rush and even stood there and did all the prep I was behind on because it got ridiculously busy on her day off.

So yeah - work has been up and down.

In other news - me and Lionel bought ourselves a new TV. A pretty full high definition fifty inch LED tv. Believe me, if I could love an inanimate object as much as I love Lionel, this would be my choice. A couple of weeks prior, I bought Lionel the new Final Fantasy game as a very belated birthday present. Now, I thought the HD-ness was amazing on the little TV that Lionel bought when I was probably around eight years old. But when he's playing it on our lovely new TV - it is jaw droppingly amazing. Plus - I've kind of gotten into the game - it's got a good stoyline behind it!

I can only assume that you've all assumed that I'm going to be out here a lot longer than a year. And if not - well, now you know. I think I made that decision when I first landed here more than nine weeks ago. I don't really know exactly how long. But all I can say to explain it is that I love this man more than anything else in the world, and I'm happy. The other visas are complicated and there are plenty of requirements which we are trying our best to make.

What else could I say? Er... my appetite for steak has returned! We have it for dinner often, and today we had steak and caeser salad. I eat mine faster than Lionel eat his. Two days ago when we went to the pub and we had steak and a beer, it also happened. I'm now, again, in love with beef. Can't wait for a time when I can get some good meat like I had at the Cattle Station last year.

Anyway - I think that's enough about me. Doctor Who is on in four minutes. So I better post this and leave.

Just one final note though. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTEST BUD/SISTER ABI! I love you and I miss you and I can't wait to see you again. :D