Sunday, 18 April 2010


Ok - so this blog post isn't going to be about me. Sorry for all those who want to read about me, I know, it's going to be a strain hearing about something else. But I would wish to turn the eyes off Australia and back home for a bit.

My amazing big sister is running the epic 26 miles in the London Marathon on the 25th April - just one week away.

She's running for a very good charity called Sense, and I emplore anyone who reads this blog to do the following:-

1. Read the interview about the upcoming race by clicking HERE.

2. Go to her sponser page online HERE.

3. Maybe go down to London next Saturday and cheer everyone on!

What she is doing is just simply, in one word, amazing. Even the girl who had the courage to move halfway round the world cannot believe that she is going to run - yes run - 26 miles. I mean, I wouldn't even cycle that in a week!

All I can say is good luck George! I love you and hope everything goes smoothly.

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  1. Consider George donated too - tell her good luck! :) x